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The Students' association 2015 (left to right): Eva Henrich, Lotte Schmidt, Sebastian Libruks, Ismail Babayigit, Nicole Bopp, Jannis Rußkamp, Aylin Yildiz, Fenja Plate, Fabian Riesinger.

Dear fellow students and Islamic Studies enthusiasts,

On this website, we - the representatives of the students' association for Islamic Studies (Fachschaftsrat) - will keep you posted on all upcoming events concerning the students' association (Fachschaft) and Islamic Studies in Heidelberg in general.

The Fachschaftsrat consists of students enrolled at the department of Islamic Studies who represent all its enlisted students; it is elected on an annual basis.

The Fachschaft as a body hosts the introductory day for first-year students as well as social gatherings such as BBQs, festivities, weekend seminars and other events you might bring to our attention. You are welcome to make suggestions at all times.

Another important committee we would like to make you aware of is the Fachrat, an institution made up of student representatives, scientific researchers, and lecturers as well as the administration of our institute.
Further information on university-politics and administration is provided for you at StuRa Page.
You can also visit the „News Fachschaft Islamwissenschaft“ group on Facebook for more detailed information.


Current Representation
Fachschaftsrat: Fenja Plate, Michael Pfister, Nicole Bopp, Ataulhayee Butt, Sina Tütüncü und Aylin Yildiz
Fachrat: Fenja Plate and Aylin Yildiz

For questions, suggestions and ideas please contact us at: fachschaft.isir[a]


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Upcoming events

Thursday, July 13,2017, 7 pm     Students Association end-of-term BBQ 
                                                        Everyone is welcome! It will take place in our car park (next to the Werkstatt building). We are
                                                        providing drinks, salads and snacks - you only have to bring your own meat/sausages.



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